Dear Friends,

As a child, I watched both my parents obtain college degrees with the assistance of the G.I. Bill. This taught me first hand education equals opportunity. I am running for the Nevada State Board of Education in District 1 because I believe passionately that education is critical to the strength of our economy, the stability of our community and the future of our state. 

I am not a career politician or a partisan politics insider; I am an educator and product of life changing teachers. During my time in the classroom, I taught students who faced tremendous challenges at school and at home. Despite their uphill battle, my students succeeded. I know all of Nevada’s kids can achieve these same results. 

Nevada has the lowest graduation rate in the country. This is not an impossible challenge to solve. I know there is no silver bullet, but there are real improvements we can make right away to change outcomes for Las Vegas’ kids.

My husband and I hope to someday raise a family here with the confidence that our children are getting a world class education that will prepare them for college and beyond.  I commit to fight for Nevada’s kids everyday and restoring excellence to our schools. I ask for your support, your voice and your vote on November 6th for Nevada State Board of Education, District 1.

 My best,

Alexis Gonzales-Black


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